A few years back, “fake self-loathing billionaire capitalist” and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff called for “a new capitalism.”

Pretty rich (get it?) coming from a billionaire, right?

Well, these days, Benioff’s still a fake self-loathing billionaire capitalist … and he’s also woke AF. Check it, yo:

Is that so, Marc? Well, if that’s how you want it, we’re certainly not about to stand in your way. You go right on ahead.


Vaya con dios, Marc.

It’s funny you should mention China, actually.

You don’t even have to be a good journalist. You just need to be familiar with Twitter’s basic search function:

How does China’s actual record on actual human rights compare to ours, Marc? We feel like theirs is significantly worse. Does Salesforce have any plans to sever ties with China?

Doesn’t look like it. From August of this year:

The company is “accelerating” its strategic partnership with Alibaba, a Salesforce spokesperson told TechCrunch. In 2019, Alibaba became the exclusive provider of the American giant’s software across Greater China.

As a result of its tightened partnership with Alibaba, Salesforce is “optimizing our business structure to better serve the Greater China Region” and “opening new roles while eliminating some others,” the spokesperson said.

The company’s career page shows it’s currently hiring a product management director and a senior software engineer in the southern Chinese city Guangzhou, where it placed its tech team.

It’s unclear which positions Salesforce is cutting in China, but the spokesperson confirmed that the firm is closing its office space in Hong Kong, which has historically been a springboard for multinationals to enter China. Many roles at Salesforce’s Hong Kong office are in sales and account management, LinkedIn profiles show.

Partnering with business in China and shutting down operations in Hong Kong. And we’re supposed to believe that Marc Benioff gives a crap about equity and dignity? Sure, Jan. Sure.


Perhaps someone can look into this as well:


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