Matt Walsh had already made a name for himself before the transgenderism debate was brought to the forefront. But now that trans activism is front and center, the subject has become a very passionate one for him. He’s done a lot of work to understand the roots of radical trans activism — and to expose the realities of radical trans activism.

Apparently, he and his team have been carefully researching and documenting what goes on at the Clinic for Transgender Health at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and what they’ve discovered has shocked them beyond even their worst expectations.

The following thread is nothing short of stomach-turning. And it’s absolutely vital that you read it.

Do you feel sick yet? Good. It means you have a conscience and know systematic abuse when you see it.

And evidently Vanderbilt Medical Center is very upset that you saw it, because they’ve attempted to flush it all down the memory hole:

No matter how hard they try. The truth is out there, and we all see it.

There absolutely needs to be a formal investigation of what’s been going on at the Clinic for Transgender “Health.” It sure as hell hasn’t been anything healthy.

Don’t worry. We will.





Matt Walsh terrorizes doctor who says he has no minimum age for gender-affirming surgeries


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