Catholics for Choice is just the worst. Seriously. I’m not even Catholic and I know that “Catholics for Choice,” when “choice” means “abortion” is an oxymoron.

And speaking of morons, Catholics for Choice is absolutely teeming with ’em. We’ve covered them plenty here at Twitchy. Here are just a few examples:

And here’s a more recent gem from their oeuvre:

Oh, we’re ready for that conversation, you ghouls. We’re just not sure you are. Because the real conversation is uncomfortable and full of inconvenient truths that pro-aborts just can’t handle.

But what the hell? Let’s have that conversation, shall we?

Margaret Sanger? As in the racist founder of Planned Parenthood? As in the racist founder of Planned Parenthood who imagined a better world as a world with fewer black people and other minorities? That Margaret Sanger?

How dare you overlook Sanger’s achievements, Catholics for Choice!

Catholics for Choice’s argument is dumb enough on its face, but when you stop and think about it a little more, it gets even stupider.

Why on earth would white supremacists take issue with minorities aborting their own unborn children? Reducing the minority population is white supremacists’ main goal!

Call us when you’re ready, Catholics for Choice. We’ll be here.



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