In case you missed it, Don Bolduc won his GOP primary race in New Hampshire last night. That means a diehard Trump-supporting, stolen-election-conspiracy-theory-peddling guy will face off against Democratic incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan in the midterms.

Why do Republicans keep sabotaging themselves like this? David Axelrod, for one, would really like to know.

Oh, it feels like that, does it, David? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t be asking Republicans why they’re doing this and instead turn your attention to your Democratic friends. Because they might be able to give you a little more insight into this particular issue.

Quite a bit of help, as it happens.

Yep. Senate Majority PAC spent $3 million to help Bolduc defeat his Republican primary challenger Chuck Morse, whom the Senate GOP was backing.

No. He would not care to admit that.

But if for some reason he did, he’d never call out Schumer and the Democrats in earnest.

Because he is, in his heart of hearts, a dedicated Democratic Party shill.



David Axelrod has a very simple explanation as to why it’s bad for GOPers to question election results but it’s OK when Dems do it


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