Looks like @LibsofTikTok finally went too far. No, not for us; for Facebook. As we told you earlier, Facebook told @LibsofTikTok that the account was being permanently suspended, with no opportunity for recourse.

Definitely just an “error.”

The Facebook page is indeed back up. Sort of. For now, anyway.

Meanwhile, @LibsofTikTok hasn’t been slapped with Twitter suspension, at least not as of the time this post was published. But maybe the Washington Post has been hoping to provide the straw that will ultimately break the camel’s back and convince Twitter that their platform will be safer without a dangerous vigilante like Chaya Raichik around:

We’d say that Raichik definitely has ample cause to be skeptical when it comes to Derek Hawkins and WaPo’s intentions. Also keep in mind that WaPo continues to have Taylor Lorenz, who used her platform to doxx and sic angry leftists on Raichik. Respect to Raichik for finding the humor in the situation — and for giving Hawkins the response he deserved.

They really hate answering them:

Indeed he did:


Only Real Journalists™ do that.



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