When Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his running mate, it was just the sort of bold shakeup his campaign needed to energize Democratic voters. Yes, Joe’s an old white man, but Kamala Harris is young, multiracial, and, above all, dynamic. She represented the hip, with-it future of the Democratic Party in America.

Well, now, after a year and a half of watching her in action, the folks who were overflowing with unbridled enthusiasm for Kamala Harris have seen for themselves the extent of her potential … and they’re not nearly as impressed as they had tried to convince themselves they were.

More from the Daily Beast’s Scott Bixby:

Years after the end of the knockdown-dragout Democratic primaries, the loose collective of digital warriors [known as the #KHive] are still fighting on her behalf. And yet, according to some of the #KHive’s leaders, the vibe has shifted since the heyday of the 2020 campaign, when Harris’ fervently—sometimes recklessly—devoted fans earned compliments from the campaign and a request for support from Biden himself.

“The job of the vice president has always been to take on issues that may not be politically sexy or easy wins for the administration. She knew that when she decided to accept the president’s offer to join the ticket,” said Chris Evans, who under the handle @NotCapnAmerica has been one of the most visible members of the #KHive. “However, I think even the vice president herself has admitted for the first year or so of her tenure she’s wanted to spend more time getting out into the country and being face-to-face with the American people.”

“I am consistently seeing people ask, ‘Where is Kamala?’” Evans said.

When you start losing the #KHive, that’s when you know you’re in really big trouble.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, #KHive. We tried to tell you, but you told us we were sexist and racist.

Cue sad trombone.


Just hook it to our veins.

Better luck next time.



Joe Biden’s out-of-office tweet marks the anniversary of him announcing Kamala Harris as his running mate


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