Under District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s careful but bold leadership, San Francisco went from bad to worse. And he seemed like such a great guy, too!

Well, earlier today, Boudin shared some absolutely devastating news regarding his political future.

You might want to sit down for this:

*His elderly father David Gilbert, former Weather Underground domestic terrorist who participated in the deadly robbery of an armored truck in 1981. Be specific, Chesa! You’re proud of your dad! Don’t leave out the details!

Kathy Boudin, Chesa’s mother, was also a Weather Underground terrorist who was also involved in the deadly robbery. Did Chesa ever mourn the death of the people whose blood is on his mommy’s hands?

OK, that’s enough. There are more tweets in Boudin’s thread, but that seems like a good place to stop. He’s not running for office, all right, but it’s not because he’s putting his family first. It’s because he knows that San Franciscans don’t want him anywhere near the levers of power.

The city made it pretty clear in June when they recalled him that they were finished with him. The idea that Chesa Boudin is declining to run for his former office because of noble reasons is ridiculous and actually pretty offensive, at least as far as his family is concerned.

Well, in any event, regardless of Boudin’s reasons for not running again, San Francisco might at least have a shot without him in their government.

Let’s just hope someone else doesn’t come along and try to out-Chesa-Boudin Chesa Boudin …



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