In case you missed it, yesterday, the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh announced that he and his wife are expecting twins — their second set of twins:

As one might expect, some tweeters out there are a little upset at the idea of Matt Walsh’s family growing:

Plenty more like that. So much more, in fact, that there’s an entire post in the r/antinatalism subreddit about it:

Just so you’re up to speed, here’s what the r/antinatalism subreddit is all about:

These people really, really don’t like babies. And they definitely don’t like Matt Walsh’s babies.

Or at least there are more than 400 comments on that post. Not too shabby, Matt.

If you’re too repulsed by the prospect of what you might find over there, we went ahead and grabbed screenshots of some of the comments, so you could get a nice sample of what these subredditors have to say:

They seem like a lovely bunch of people, don’t they?

We’re not exactly sure what antinatalists think they’re going to accomplish by doing things like this, but they’re only setting themselves up to be even further disappointed, because people who want to have kids don’t give a damn about making antinatalists happy.

Good for Matt Walsh — and for all the pro-birth advocates out there.