Jemele Hill is an outspoken progressive liberal who has a tendency to look at life through a racial lens. In other words, she’s a typical progressive liberal.

So when she found out that Shri Thanedar, an Indian-American man, won the Democratic primary race for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District:

She seemed, well, annoyed:

Is it written somewhere that Detroit must only be represented by a person of one particular race? Is there something inherently wrong with an Indian-American man having the opportunity to try to make Detroit and everyone represented in the 13th District a better place? It’s not as if Detroit’s been doing awesome and getting better over the past several decades. Maybe race shouldn’t be a factor in deciding who gets to go to Washington. Maybe Jemele Hill should back off a little and find out what Shri Thanedar actually stands for before she dismisses him for not being black.

We’re not all that familiar with Shri Thanedar, but as far as we can tell, his progressive cred is pretty solid (his position on Israel notwithstanding). Does Jemele think that his race would somehow preclude him from doing what he’d get elected to do?



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