The Nation’s Elie Mystal has a lot of opinions on a lot of things, but he especially has opinions on Republican politics and conservatives. And he graciously shared some of those opinions over the weekend on MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross”:

“Fabulously racist comment from Elie Mystal.” Is there any other kind of comment from Elie Mystal, really?

From RealClear Politics:

“But it is going to be a close election in Georgia because Walker has the backing of the Republicans. Now you ask why are Republicans backing this man who is so clearly unintelligent, who so clearly doesn’t have independent thoughts? But that’s actually the reason.

Walker is gonna do what he’s told, and that’s what Republicans like. That’s what Republicans want from their negroes: to do what they’re told.

And Walker presents exactly as a person who lacks independent thoughts, lacks an independent agenda, and lacks an independent ability to grasp policies. And he is just going to go in there and vote like Mitch McConnell tells him to vote.”


Regardless of how you may feel about Herschel Walker, no intellectually honest person can deny that Mystal’s comments are extremely racist.

That’s not entirely true … presumably, MSNBC pays him for his racist commentary.

That’s why they’re called progressives. It’s progress, people!

Absolutely and utterly miserable.

Exit idea:

Now that we’d like to see.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with video, and we’ve amended the headline accordingly.