The Biden administration is currently in the process of rewriting the definition of the word “recession” in order to make excuses for the abysmal state of our economy under his stewardship. But they’re wasting their time, honestly. (A) Because — based on polling numbers, at least — most Americans seem to believe that we’re in a recession. And (B) because they already have the undying loyalty of The Lincoln Project and don’t need to impress them any more than they already have.

The Lincoln Project posted a big announcement today:

And not only that, but they’ve also made a video tribute to Joe Biden’s “record-shattering” economic achievements:

And then everyone clapped!

Great video, Lincoln Project. But where’s the “fiction” disclaimer? We didn’t see it anywhere. And it seems like something you guys should’ve included considering that your account of Joe Biden’s presidency is only accurate in a fantasy world.

No, they’re serious. This is actually what it looks like when The Lincoln Project is thinking clearly. Because they’re just full-on embracing their raison d’être.

Well, yeah.

We always knew it. They’re finally being honest about it.