There’s been a lot of information out there regarding the monkeypox outbreak. And if you’re confused, we certainly can’t blame you. With everything being said, how can you be sure what to believe? We could really use someone knowledgeable about this subject to tease out the important stuff and make things clearer for us.

Hey, maybe science reporter Benjamin Ryan can explain it in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand:

Ah, OK. Now we understan— wait, what?

Sorry, Benjamin, but we’re going to need extra clarification now. Because we’ve never heard of a disease that works quite like that. It’s very … specific.

Pretty sure we can all manage that.

Those are our takeaways as well. Well, those and one other thing:

Based on Ryan’s tweet, we have no choice but to agree.

It’s gotta be way, way up there, right?


It’s a friggin’ gift, is what it is. And we hope that Benjamin Ryan recognizes that and is proud of what he’s done for us. That does seem to be the case:

You’re a good sport, Benjamin. Truly. And we thank you for the wonderful gift you have bestowed upon us.