If you didn’t know who Rina Shah was before you clicked on this post, you will by the time you’re finished reading it. And then you may very well forget all about her again, because despite her efforts to make a name for herself as a Principles First™ Resistance Republican, she’s ultimately just another wannabe Crusader for Democracy™ with delusions of #NeverTrump grandeur, ultimately destined to fade into oblivion like so many of the others.

But anyway, let’s talk about her, shall we? Here’s her bio from Principles First:

She’s a peach, isn’t she? An Evan McMullin campaign alumna and founder of Republican Women for Biden!

Anyway, she’s got a message for anyone out there who doubts the clout that someone like Rina Shah has:

There are actually plenty of Republicans and conservatives who have no problem with same-sex marriage (though some take issue with it being a federal governmental matter). But as far as abortion and gun control are concerned … it sounds like Rina might need to re-evaluate some things.

That’s Rina Shah, basically.


She, in fact, is not.


She doesn’t actually believe she’s a Republican. She just chooses to identify as one because she knows it pays way better to be a liberal pretending to be Republican or conservative than it does to just be honest with the people whose money you’re trying to get.

Come on now, Rina. Just be honest already. It’s actually very liberating.