The Washington Post has taken some pretty painful hits in recent months thanks to their ill-advised decision to hire integrity-challenged New York Times alumna and TikTok expert Taylor Lorenz. It doesn’t take a particularly media-savvy person to see that Lorenz has been an unmitigated disaster over there.

Well, what WaPo could really use right now is a big boost of credibility. Maybe this tweet from Fact Checker Glenn Kessler will do the trick:

Well, if Glenn Kessler thinks Taylor Lorenz is brilliant and talented, we must’ve misjudged her!

No kidding!

Um, shudder.

El oh el.

Seriously, though, Kessler’s tweet and that photo are nothing short of incredibly disturbing. On a few different levels.

First of all, there’s the whole “I’m being forced to do this against my will” vibe that Glenn’s got going on.

Something weird is definitely not kosher here.

That could definitely be it.

Inquiring minds want to know.

We hope so, too, for Glenn’s sake. Because there’s no way he’s not afraid of Taylor Lorenz for at least one reason.

As we noted above, Kessler’s tweet is disturbing in more than one respect. Yeah, there’s the whole possibly-being-held-prisoner-by-Taylor-Lorenz aspect, but there’s also the weird collision of worlds that’s happening. On the one side, you’ve got Kessler, who is — ostensibly, at least — a fact-checker whose job it is to verify information for news consumers. And on the other side, you’ve got Lorenz, whose de facto job has effectively become just making crap up.

Quite a feat.

Put it in the encyclopedia.



WaPo Fact Checker Glenn Kessler apparently sees no need to fact-check MSM’s false ‘aborted children’ narrative about Clarence Thomas