Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down their Kennedy v. Bremerton School District ruling, which held that high school football coach Joseph Kennedy was well within his First Amendment rights to pray privately on the 50-yard line at games — and that other individuals are free to do the same. This was the correct decision, in our humble opinions.

But a lot of leftists have taken issue with it, and they’ve used actual disinformation to make their arguments. Take the Atlantic’s Jemele Hill, for example. She falsely claimed in a tweet that Coach Kennedy had pressured students to join him in prayer and also suggested — also falsely — that a Muslim coach would not be afforded the same First Amendment rights as Coach Kennedy.

If we’re being completely honest, we expect this sort of BS from someone like Jemele Hill, who regularly gets it wrong on, well, everything. But we’d like to think that a sitting member of Congress would know better. And maybe a sitting member of Congress would know better … if they weren’t progressive Democrat and pathological liar Ilhan Omar, who had this to say about the decision:

Not a single part of her tweet is true. Not a single part.

SCOTUS did not rule that public school teachers can pressure students to join in prayer at public school events (Coach Kennedy never did any such thing) or that public school teachers can retaliate against students that don’t join in (Coach Kennedy never did any such thing). And SCOTUS’ decision is an indisputable victory for religious freedom.

But other than that, Ilhan, you nailed it.

Where are Twitter’s Truth Police on Ilhan Omar’s tweet? Hers is a textbook case of disinformation.

Reminder: The Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team of the Religious Freedom Institute were fully on board with Coach Kennedy.

Of course, maybe the Jewish Coalition for Religious Liberty cancels out the The Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team’s vote. You know how sneaky and pernicious those Jews can be …