Last year, President Joe Biden signed legislation officially declaring Juneteenth, long celebrated in the African American community, to be a national holiday.

Yesterday was the observed public holiday for Juneteenth, so there was no shortage of tweets commemorating the occasion when slaves in Texas were told by Union Army General Gordon Granger that they were free. There was also no shortage of hot takes from self-righteous liberals who decided to turn Juneteenth into an opportunity to own the cons.

One of those self-righteous liberals was lawyer — and CNN and MSNBC commentator — Tristan Snell, who saw a chance to hit Critical Race Theory education opponents and seized it:

Wow, Tristan. Great read on the situation. Or it would be great, if it weren’t so stupid and insanely dishonest.


He can’t stop lying.

A straight-up, bald-faced lie.

And we’d expect nothing but from a CNN and MSNBC commentator. Critical Race Theory has nothing to do with history and everything to do with breeding racism in future generations.

If Tristan Snell wants to talk about comprehensive education about the evils of slavery in America being banned, he should start here:

Oh, snap.



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