It’s time for a public service announcement: some insurrections are more equal than others.

That’s really the only conclusion we can draw from the fact that hardcore progressive Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman was able to say something like this without media firefighters even batting an eye and calls for a House committee to be formed immediately:


“It would also embolden, uh, Republicans and the far Right and white nationalists across the country to begin to believe that it is their time to not just take power in the House, but the Senate, the White House, and state houses across the country. And we gotta understand that this is a group that has been radicalized by the Great Replacement myth and many other things and have been pushing for violence and pushing for even civil war. So that is what’s at stake right now in terms of this election.”

Only a Democrat like Jamaal Bowman could sit there and, with media impunity, calmly warn that Republicans winning big in November — which they are on track to do, thanks in no small part to Democrats like Jamaal Bowman — would empower the far Right and white supremacists to embrace violence and perhaps even civil war.

Nothing to run on except for fear. And lies. If anyone’s “threatening American democracy,” it’s the Democratic Party, who has gladly embraced insane rhetoric in a desperate attempt to make voters forget the damage that the Biden administration and Democratic Party have inflicted upon so many Americans.

We’ve seen and experienced firsthand what Democratic victories have led to. And we’re not happy about it.

We’re also not happy about the suggestion that higher voter turnout for Republicans in November could signify an impending civil war. It’s dishonest, and it’s insulting.

And it’s almost as though Bowman et al. are looking for any excuse to pre-emptively crack down on Republican voters.