We stopped keeping track of how many years we’ve been hearing from Democrats about the importance of “equal pay for equal work” and the need to close the “gender wage gap.” But it’s been quite a few years.

The thing is, we’re not sure why we’ve been hearing about it for as long as we have. Because according to Nancy Pelosi, President John F. Kennedy took care of closing the gap almost 60 years ago.

Check this out:

Confused? Join the club.

It literally makes no sense. If JFK officially made it officially illegal to pay women less, then why is Nancy Pelosi still officially complaining about women being paid less today?

It sure sounds like that’s what she’s admitting. But not on purpose. She’ll never admit it explicitly.

She’ll just lean even harder into the fabrication:

“Equal pay has been enshrined in federal law for decades! Also, we need to fight for equal pay!”

OK, but if it’s the best brains Nancy’s after, she needs to take herself out of the mix.

We’re honestly not sure why Nancy Pelosi is so worried about women making less money than men. She’s a woman (or at least a birthing person), and thanks to her hot stock tip sources, she’s got more money than most women and men in America.

And speaking of federal laws that are already on the books:

We seem to remember something like that happening …