We recently told you about Whoopi Goldberg drawing distinctions between AR-15s and “yee-haw guns, whatever you want” on “The View” today, but if you’re still not clear on what makes AR-15s so much more dangerous than other guns, you can always turn to CNN for the Real News, Mr. President:

Wow, CNN. Thanks for clearing all that up for us. We understand so much better now … that you people have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

In addition to AR-15s, quite a few handguns out there also have semiautomatic firing, detachable and possibly large-capacity magazines, and pistol grips. And those handguns can also be used to kill people.

Maybe that’s intentional. Maybe CNN is just trying to help Joe Biden make his case for banning 9mm handguns.

In other words … yes.

CNN is a made-up news organization.