A little over a year ago, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar had some harsh words for President Joe Biden with regard to the prospect of ongoing border wall construction:

Well, in the time since she sent that tweet, it appears that she’s taken some time to consider the border crisis further, and she’s come to the conclusion that the Biden administration is actually doing a pretty good job, all things considered.

So, when Omar saw this RNC tweet about methamphetamine seized at our southern border last month:

She valiantly came to the Biden administration’s defense:

“Your fear campaign of inaction at the border isn’t holding any water.”

Well, we won’t dispute that it’s a good thing that U.S. law enforcement is curbing the flow of meth over the United States’ southern border (we’re not clear on which direction it’s flowing), but it seems a bit, um, premature to suggest that the Biden administration is taking decisive action at the border.

Like, this doesn’t exactly make sound like Joe Biden et al. are all that interested in mitigating the border crisis:

And there’s lots more where that came from.

It really is a sh*t post. It’s just plain bad.

There’s no such thing as Democrats getting their butts kicked too hard in November.