In case you missed it, Evan McMullin is running for U.S. Senate against incumbent GOP Sen. Mike Lee. McMullin may not have a prayer, but he at least can count on the support of illustrious folks like Adam Kinzinger and Andrew Yang. So that’s something.

But if that’s not enough to convince on-the-fence voters that McMullin really is “the genuine article,” his willingness to abandon any pretense of being pro-life should take care of the rest.

McMullin was a guest on “The Mehdi Hasan Show” recently, where he attempted to explain his, um, evolution on Roe v. Wade:

Sure, Jan.

Wow. There’s a whole lotta evolution goin’ on!

But anyway, back to Evan, who’s really the reason we’re here right now:

Aside from his willingness to completely abandon the beliefs he claimed to hold dear when he was running against Donald Trump, we’re also struck by his impressively convoluted non-answer to Mehdi Hasan’s questions.

He mumbles some gibberish about looking out for women and children (!) but that’s pretty much as clear as he’s willing to get.

Is money a principled reason?

It may be a bad reason, but it’s also been an extremely lucrative one. At least for Evan McMullin. He’s made a whole lot of money off of being Principled™. Enough money to pay off his vendors many times over, probably, though he has yet to actually do that as far as we know.

The competition’s pretty stiff, but Evan McMullin’s a powerful contender for sure.



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