If you hadn’t heard of Simon Gwynn before today, please allow us to introduce you to him. He’s a deputy news editor at Campaign US, which “is dedicated to celebrating creative excellence  across the communications industry while putting creativity firmly in a business context.”

Oh, and he’s recently deleted a pair of “tweets about the US Supreme Court,” having come to realize that they were “obviously pretty irresponsible”:

Nothing wrong with a little thought experiment!

Oh, come now. We love thought experiments around here. Twitter’s chock-full of thought experiments. What could be so bad about your thought experiment, Simon? Surely it wasn’t that big a dea- oh:

Those would be the tweets, yes.

Those seem like more than just your run-of-the-mill “tweets about the Supreme Court.” Thank goodness people out there thought to grab screenshots, otherwise Simon might’ve actually gotten away with those “tweets about the Supreme Court” that were actually about killing Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

Not just sick, but deranged. We shudder to think about Simon Gwynn’s other “thought experiments.”

Seriously, Simon. What the hell. What in the ever-loving hell.

An apology from Simon, preferably to be followed by nuking his own Twitter account before he decides to share any more “thought experiments.”

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