Yesterday, former totally objective CBS “abortion access” reporter turned Planned Parenthood senior director of news content Kate Smith raged on Twitter over the prospect of Roe v. Wade going out the window. Her little tirade even included a special shout-out to SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett:

While we’re on the subject of Amy Coney Barrett, now seems like as good a time as any to bring up another rage-y thread about her. Except this thread makes Smith’s seem quite tame in comparison.

Heidi Moore is a journalist and digital media consultant. She also happens to be off her rocker:

Well, are you intrigued? Then you’re in for a real treat!

“Chilling in its accuracy” is very much her brand on Earth 2, but here where we live, her brand is more like “flaming batsh*t.” Seriously, guys. She’s nuts.

She’s a peach, isn’t she? We can’t say much for her intelligence, but when it comes to entertainment value, Heidi’s definitely got it goin’ on.

The only thing more entertaining than her Twitter feed is Becket Adams’ breakdown of her thread on Amy Coney Barrett and the Christofascist conspiracy to ban abortion so that Evangelicals can adopt moar babies:

He just gave his gold-plated tinfoil hat to Heidi. She’s earned it!

The journalists’ house needs to be condemned already. It’s uninhabitable at this point, at least for normal people.

And this take’s gonna be hot for a looooooong time.

All you have to know is that it exists. Because that’s all that really matters.



Mom says she’s never seen a pro-lifer adopting kids ever, lol

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