Pour a big one out for disgraced ex-Rep. Katie Hill, who, like so many liberals, is rending her garments over the prospect of Roe v. Wade no longer being “established law,” which would kick the power to legislate on abortion back to the states. The horror!

It’s not a surprise, really, that someone like Katie would be so upset. After all, as we are well aware, sexual abusers are quite often big fans of abortions.

Anyway, here’s Katie struggling to come to grips with our possible Brave New World of more babies being born:

It is hard to believe! In fact, it’s downright impossible to believe!

Because it’s a bunch of baloney. Not that there aren’t plenty of people who are eating it up.

You have eight female (what a relief we can use a word like “female” again!) grandchildren? Then you should be especially grateful about Roe v. Wade getting sent to the historical dustbin.

More girls being born is inherently a good thing, last time we checked.

How many girls could have been born in the last 50 years but were killed before taking their first breath because their mothers were led to believe that the ultimate act of female empowerment is killing your unborn baby?

She could be too dumb, yes, but it could be that she’s just plain intellectually dishonest. We like to think it’s a healthy mix of both. The best pro-aborts always are.