Late last week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave her Twitter followers a very difficult challenge: to name a “‘far left’ policy” as extreme as the law in Texas that allows rapists to sue their victims who get an abortion.

There is no such law, of course. And it almost doesn’t even matter if AOC actually knows that, because even if she does, it’s not as though she’s going to be honest with her devoted little minions. She’ll never tell them that the Left does, in fact, hold some pretty extreme views about a lot of issues. Like abortion, of course, and, oh, say, student loan debt.

Believing that all student loan debt should just be wiped out, like, with a cloth, is actually extremely extreme if you think about it. But according to AOC, it’s totally normal and logical and “it all comes around. It’s OK.”

Oh, well. In that case, let’s get to canceling that debt right now!

The White House doesn’t seem to be any more concerned than AOC is.

Hey, it all comes around!

She’s talking about wealth redistribution — that actually benefits the wealthy, by the way — and how awesome that would be.

She’s talking about wreaking even more havoc on our spluttering economy.

Americans had better take a lesson from her, though: don’t take advice on economics or anything else from the likes of AOC.

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