Well, now American Airlines has really gone and done it. They’ve offended DJ Soda.

Who is DJ Soda, you ask? You mean you don’t know who she is? She’s a very famous South Korean DJ, for your information!

Gosh, you’re no better than American Airlines. You’d probably make her take off her sponsored RIPNDIP “F*CK YOU* sweatpants, too, you monsters:

Maybe they hadn’t had a chance to really look at the pants until DJ Soda was seated comfortably.

Speaking of being seated comfortably, you might want to find a comfortable seat yourself, so you can fully process this ordeal:

It obviously would’ve been better to give her a private space to change, and they really should’ve done that. That said, she could’ve taken her pants off earlier. She could’ve just not worn them, because common sense would’ve dictated that sweatpants plastered with “F*CK YOU” might’ve caused some problems.

Person wearing “F*CK YOU” sweatpants was concerned about flight passengers’ feelings. Mkay.

This is also a country that is known for private companies who may have rules against clothing that says stuff like “F*CK YOU.”

It won’t happen to anyone who’s not wearing “F*CK YOU” sweatpants.

Where would society be without content moderation?

We can’t help but feel like DJ Soda wore those pants specifically to provoke a reaction from American Airlines. Which in general is not the best idea if you want to be left alone on your flight.

Maybe try not wearing “F*CK YOU” sweatpants on future flights on any airlines. Odds are good that you’ll have a totally different and more pleasant experience.

It’s OK.

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