The Dispatch’s David French is looking around, and everywhere, he sees the unraveling social fabric of our once-glorious America society. In a time of unparalleled growth and success, America should be basking in the glow. Instead, we’re being torn asunder. Partisanship and ideological warfare are destroying us.

And more than anyone else, “the disproportionately-white, disproportionately well-off people” are the ones responsible for our plight:


For those who think and obsess about politics, this shift from big to small is hard. It’s hard to think that how you love your friends might be more important to our nation than what you think of CRT. It’s strange to think that your response in your church to a single toxic leader might matter more to America than every single word you ever say or every vote you cast about trans athletes or corporate activism.

When our crisis is one of hatred, anxiety, and despair, don’t look to politics to heal our hearts. Our government can’t contend with “human Passions unbridled by morality and Religion.” Our social fabric is fraying. The social compact is crumbling. Our government is imperfect, but if this republic fractures, its people will be to blame.

Back to the race thing, though:

And if you think that most-partisan cohort is seething with anger because they suffer from painful oppression, think again. The data is clear. As the More in Common project notes, the most polarized Americans are disproportionately white and college-educated on the left and disproportionately white and retired on the right.

The people disproportionately driving polarization in the United States are not oppressed minorities, but rather some of the most powerful, most privileged, wealthiest people who’ve ever lived. They enjoy more freedom and opportunity than virtually any prior generation of humans, all while living under the protective umbrella of the most powerful military in the history of the planet.

Ah, yes. It’s mostly wealthy white people sowing the seeds of division in this country.

And don’t forget Nikole Hannah-Jones, of course! And Ibram X. Kendi! Patrice McCullors!

And Shaun King! Wait, Shaun King is actually a wealthy white guy. Whoops. We got carried away for a minute.

No he’s not. David French hasn’t been right in a long time. There are plenty of wealthy people of all races who get off on pitting people against each other. Plenty of wealthy people of all races who get off on pitting people against each other and actually became wealthy by pitting people against each other.

Hell, one could make the argument that David French has turned into one of those well-off white people.

Complain. He complains.

More specifically, he complains about conservatives while hiding behind the banner of Principled Conservatism™.

There was a time when French made impassioned arguments against Critical Race Theory and its proponents and would have balked at the very idea of boiling America’s problems down to race. But that time is over.



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