There’s been no shortage of liberals flipping their lids over the prospect of Elon Musk buying Twitter. But it’s the liberal celebrities’ reactions that have been the most entertaining, because they’re the ones who have benefited the most from Twitter’s propensity for silencing conservative points of view. If Elon Musk takes charge of Twitter, who will shut down the big bullies who don’t tell the celebrities how wonderful and amazing and stunning and brave they are?

This is all very scary. Just ask “Community” actress Yvette Nicole Brown. If she didn’t know any better, this is all the handiwork of Russian oligarchs trying to rig the system for Vladimir Putin:

No doubt Putin has been dying to get his grubby little paws all over Yvette Nicole Brown’s DMs. That rascal. That sneaky bastard. And don’t even get us started on Tang. Putin-Tang? We’ve heard stories, man.

Absolutely excruciating. For them, anyway.

For us, it’s endlessly amusing.

It’s almost adorable, in a way. They genuinely see themselves as crusaders for truth and justice and accountability and it’s just straight-up hilarious.

Talk about an understatement. Therapists are gonna have their work cut out for them. At least they’ll stay busy!

Feel free to take Yvette with you.



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