Mark Wiggins is a lobbyist for the Association of Texas Professional Educators. Isn’t that nice? It’s important to give Texas teachers a voice in the state’s educational policy.

Unfortunately, it appears that Wiggins wants Texas teachers to have a voice at the expense of Texas parents and students’ voices.

Texans concerned about what’s happening in the public school system threaten to hold the public school system accountable, and Wiggins is desperate to ensure that doesn’t happen:

Buyer beware? Of what, exactly? Of school choice? Of freedom to seek out the best school for your child?

Evidently Mark Wiggins decided that Corey DeAngelis had to be punished for his school choice advocacy and willingness to call Wiggins out on his BS. And there’s plenty of BS to call Wiggins out on:

Wiggins’ blocking finger must be pretty busy today, then, because a lot of people are calling him out on his BS:

How much money has Mark Wiggins made as a teachers’ union lobbyist? Probably enough to easily be able to afford to send his kids to private school. And he wants to deprive other parents of the opportunity to do the same.

Maybe Mark Wiggins should take his money — and his business  — elsewhere. We bet we’d be able to rustle up some Texas parents who would be more than happy to help him pack.

And even if he doesn’t want the help packing, Mark should seriously consider leaving now with what’s left of his dignity. Because he won’t have any dignity to speak of if he sticks around and doubles down.

OK, Mark. Whatever you say.

For the sake of the children and parents of Texas, we hope Wiggins has no idea what happened in Loudoun County. Because if he doesn’t know, that means he and his ilk are in for a butt-whoopin’ of epic proportions.

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