Last week, documentarian, activist, and Disney heiress Abigail Disney went on a tear against critics of Disney’s headfirst foray into wokeness. She appeared to have been inspired by this tweet from Christopher Rufo:

As we pointed out in our earlier post, you may or may not agree with Rufo’s characterization of this debate as “moral war against Disney.” But that doesn’t negate the fact that Rufo and other critics of Disney’s decision to get deeply involved in Florida politics have legitimate reasons to be criticizing it.

And, as Rufo points out in a thread today, there was a time when his and the critics’ position was the mainstream one. When it was OK to draw attention to Disney’s problematic record on sexual predation of children. Before wokeness completely took over.

Recall that just last week, CNN’s Oliver Darcy used the “Reliable Sources” newsletter to link the conservative media backlash against Disney’s wokeness to QAnon. Because you’ve got be a total conspiracy nut to think it’s inappropriate to talk to kindergarteners about sexuality and gender identity!

Here’s what Rufo’s referring to, by the way:

Check out his subsequent tweets yesterday for more on Disney employees busted for preying on children.

Back to CNN’s “QAnon” smear tactics:

(Note: We don’t have the stats on that particular claim and thus can’t verify it. We wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that the teaching profession is rife with sexual predators. But Rufo’s larger point about the liberal media’s reactions to conservatives’ criticisms of Disney still stands.)

Passivity just doesn’t cut it.

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