Yesterday, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain managed to scrounge up a few dessicated lemons in a sad attempt to make lemonade out of the Biden administration’s decision to further deplete our strategic petroleum reserve in order to avoid confronting the fact that their policies are the cause of — not solution to — our high gas price problems. If they can just kick the can down the road until a Republican gets back in the White House, they’ll be golden!

HISTORIC. Using oil reserves that are reserves because we might need them later in order to offset gas price increases right now is certainly HISTORIC. The incompetence behind such an awful and disastrous economic and energy policy move is HISTORIC.

Well, the United States hit another HISTORIC milestone today, and Ron Klain is ALL-CAPS-level excited:

What’s gives, Ron? No clap emojis? Slacker.

Sometimes there just isn’t time to wait for Jennifer Rubin to tweet something and you’ve got to look elsewhere for material.

Shift those goalposts, Ronald. You shift ’em real good.

Much like Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, Ron Klain is counting on the stupidity of the American people.

It’s like taking credit for launching a COVID website more than two years after the pandemic started and when things have turned around.

Ron was super stoked about that, too.

He seems to get super stoked about really stupid crap.



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