On any day of the week, at any hour, you can head over to the indispensable @libsoftiktok Twitter account to see what the Left is up to. Just be prepared to be saddened or disgusted or outraged or any combination of those. Because the Left is up to some pretty awful stuff.

Libs of Tik Tok devotes a great deal of time to covering the havoc that wokeism is wreaking on children through the educational system (often, but not exclusively, in public schools).

We discussed that extremely inappropriate assignment in a post earlier today. We wish to God that it was the worst thing that Libs of Tik Tok has come across. Alas:

Gender-affirming language for children is apparently also a top priority in the Napa Valley Unified School District, where parents and teachers were given the opportunity to learn how to talk to young kids about gender:

Why is it necessary to talk to any young child about gender? And why should teachers be involved in discussions with young children about sexuality at all?

Sexuality is not like a haircut or fashion trend. It doesn’t change “from day to day” as the lecturer claims. Advocates for this gender awareness and creativity and inclusion BS claim that their purpose is to help children be confident in who they are and not confused. But what on earth is this kind of language if not confusing? We’re adults and can’t make sense of it; how the hell is a child going to make sense of it?

Pray for her “gender creative” children. And if you’re looking for parenting advice, stay the hell away from these people.



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