Pretty much as soon as we saw that the New York Times had a report out that confirmed the accuracy of the New York Post’s 2020 reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, we knew what to expect. No, we’re not talking about a flood of Real Journalists™ pretending to be surprised by this development, though we did expect that. We’re actually talking about a thread, overflowing with receipts, from Drew Holden.

The thread that Holden retweets there is the one he wrote in September 2021. You can read that one here. We highly recommend it. And we recommend reading this one and this one while you’re at it.

And when you’re finished with those, read the thread he’s put together for today.

Pure fi-yah.

Uh-oh, CNN.

Uh-oh, NPR.

Uh-oh, Joy Reid.

Uh-ohm Politico.

Uh-oh, Kyle Griffin.

Uh-oh, Ben Rhodes.

We’re not so naïve as to believe the outlets and people Holden highlighted above — not to mention the countless others that Holden simply hasn’t gotten to yet — would ever deign to apologize for choosing actual disinformation over the inconvenient truth. But geez. If they were smart or even if they had any capacity for humility, they’d say something. Give us some kind of mea culpa.

If they’re really serious about getting rid of misinformation, they need to start in their own glass house.

Until that happens, we’re really left with no choice but to not trust them as far as we can throw them. Which isn’t very far at all.



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