When it comes to clearly explaining inflation and what can be done to reverse it, our leaders could use some work. A lot of work, really. Kamala Harris can’t be bothered to stay on the topic, or even get to the topic in the first place. And Joe Biden’s strategy has been boiled down to blaming Vladimir Putin for causing it and also telling Americans they’re stupid and don’t realize how good a job our government is doing at dealing with the inflation that they definitely didn’t cause by excessive and ill-advised spending.

Unfortunately, the messaging problem seems to be systemic. The whole Democratic Party is flailing and failing and instead of trying to salvage what’s left of their God-awful reputation, they’re just pouring more very expensive gasoline on their dumpster fire.

Our pal @ComfortablySmug sums up where the Democratic Party is at right now on our economy:


No matter how much time goes by, the fact that they actually leaned so hard into that never gets any less insulting.

For a bunch of people who claim to belong to the party of working Americans, Democrats sure do behave an awful lot like the out-of-touch elitists they claim are the backbone of the Republican Party.

Dems are gonna ride this crazy train right into the ground, aren’t they?



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