Dave Levitan is a climate reporter for Grid, an outlet focused on “reporting and analysis on how world events, persistent challenges and mega-trends connect.” As a climate reporter, Dave has a lot of knowledge about climate issues. And, by extension, a lot of really awesome and creative ideas!

Like this one:

Has anyone ever thought of that? Huh? Have they? Bet they haven’t!

Good for you, Dave.

Oh, yes. There’s an entire thread. Feel free to check it out if you like. But in the interest of saving you time, we’ll just stick to Dave’s first tweet. It’s the best one anyway.

Isn’t this fun? This is fun.

Look at him. Just look at him!

That’s actually an even better question than Dave Levitan’s. And it prompts even better ideas than Dave Levitan’s:

What do you say, Dave? You up to the challenge?

Or, better yet, are you up for this one?

Now that’s a great idea.

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