Louis Lucas is not just a member of the Virginia State Senate, but she’s also the president pro tempore. She’s kind of a big deal!

She’s also kind of a big clown. And a Democrat. But we repeat ourselves.

Anyway, Lucas is on the cusp of a major political achievement: crossing the 60,000-Twitter-follower threshold:

And because she doesn’t want to be caught unprepared, she’s decided to get a jump on the festivities:

We don’t expect her to delete the tweet, because she doesn’t seem like the shame-having type. But we went ahead and grabbed a screenshot just in case, to make sure that you could see all of her suggested methods of celebration:

If we were Louise Lucas, we wouldn’t be celebrating. Because it’s not a terribly impressive achievement to make partisan pettiness and immaturity your main selling point.

Workin’ hard for the good people of Virginia, Louise! Way to go!

If Virginia gets back on track, it will be despite the hard work of dedicated Democrats like Louise Lucas. Homegirl could have 20 million Twitter followers and still not be worth a damn to Virginians.

We have a feeling that option would be polling at at least 99.9%.

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