Diners at Olive Garden just sort of take for granted the fact that when they sit down, they’ll be treated to free salad and breadsticks. Or Neverending Pasta Bowls or unlimited soup.

But how did we get here? Stuff like this doesn’t just happen. Someone has to make it happen.

And that someone may very well be a government relations manager:

There’s a lobby for everything these days. Why not breadsticks?

OK, why not a soup, salad, and breadstick lobby? Or is there a soup lobby, a salad lobby, and a breadstick lobby? We have so many questions!

Do … do we want to stop them? Who doesn’t like breadsticks? Especially unlimited free ones?

Exactly. Exactly!

That’s $440,000 more than we would’ve guessed.

The opportunities for growth are as endless as their pasta bowls. So, who’s gonna apply?


Hey, man. You could do a whole lot worse than Big Breadstick. Normally politics are an appetite suppressant. This would be totally different.

We say go for it!

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