Earlier, we told you about Jake Tapper’s take on GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert shouting “13” at Joe Biden during last night’s SOTU to bring attention to the 13 U.S. troops killed during the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Jake’s pearl-clutching is noted.

It’s also based on a lie.

We touched on this aspect of Tapper’s tweet in our earlier post, but it definitely merits further discussion.

Not only did Joe Biden not mention the terrorist attack, but he didn’t say one word about the service members who were killed in action.

You’re lying, Jake. You should really stop doing that.

Beau Biden’s death was indeed a tragedy for Joe Biden’s family. A heartbreaking loss. There’s no disputing that. And if U.S. troops are getting cancer as a result of being in close proximity to burn pits, that’s absolutely worth mentioning and drawing attention to. The problem with Joe Biden’s remarks and with Tapper’s characterization of those remarks is that this isn’t the first time that Joe Biden has invoked his son’s death in a manipulative way. And in doing so last night, he effectively minimized the deaths of troops who lost their lives in actual combat, in a death trap of his own making.

Try putting Facts First for a change, Jake. That is your job, isn’t it?