In case you missed it, last night, GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert “heckled” Joe Biden during the SOTU speech by shouting “13” in reference to the 13 American service members who were killed during Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Well, for what it’s worth, CNN anchor Jake Tapper is beside himself over Boebert’s shocking breach of decorum:

Which “different era” would that be, Jake?

How would Lauren Boebert have known that Joe Biden “was about to invoke his dead son”? And why isn’t Jake Tapper reserving some of his righteous indignation for Biden himself, who never misses an opportunity to invoke his dead son in desperate appeals to people’s emotions? Sorry if that sounds like a harsh characterization of what Biden does, but it’s also an accurate one.


Should Boebert have held up a piece of paper with their names on it and ripped it up behind the president instead? Would that have been more appropriate, Jake?

The Democrats made this bed, and now you’re all gonna have to lie in it. That means you, too, Jake.

True story. And in a different era, he did. Those were the days, huh?