With Russia once again posing a huge geopolitical threat (right, Barack?), it’s been really interesting to see how, thanks in no small part to social media, things are different this time around.

In the age of Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, information spreads rapidly, despite the Russian government’s best efforts to contain and counteract it. And that’s a good thing.

So here’s a thought:

Why haven’t we just tried to cancel Putin yet? It’s a tried-and-true method that’s been used to silence all kinds of people who, for whatever reason, have been deemed insufficiently woke. Hell, there was a very successful movement to get Donald Trump canceled from Twitter over mean tweets and alleged mis- or disinformation. Trump offended some people, and now he’s gone! Thank goodness!

It’s true:

The Russian government actually maintains multiple Twitter accounts.

There’s a whole lotta potential for misinformation and disinformation to be disseminated. A lotta opportunities for a thug government to threaten and try to intimidate critics. And yet Twitter has allowed the Kremlin not only to persist, but to flourish on their platform.

Vladimir Putin’s government is literally waging war on a country they unlawfully and unethically invaded, and he gets to keep his Twitter accounts.

Twitter’s policy, at least as they have chosen to put it into practice, is indeed idiotic and harmful. Silencing Donald Trump for being a petulant man-child while amplifying a government that has had critics murdered and is currently murdering citizens of Ukraine with zero grounds to do so.

Twitter has a decision to make: either the rules apply to everyone, or they apply to no one. But they can’t keep weaponizing their selective outrage and expecting us not to notice.

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