Joe Biden spoke this afternoon on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

If you’re not impressed with that, join the club.

FYI, Tom Nichols is not a member of the club:

Last month, Joe Biden casually referred to a potential invasion of Ukraine as a “minor incursion.”

He must’ve been trying to fake Putin out. Nice job, Joe! Putin’s running scared now!


Annnnd chaser:

But don’t worry, Ukraine. Don’t worry, world. Joe Biden is taking the lead on making sure that Vladimir Putin will be a pariah on the global stage:

Thank goodness! We all know that Putin responds well to threats that he can’t sit at the world’s lunch table.

Correct. But it may not even be worth discussing, because Biden doesn’t seem to be able to commit more than half an ass to holding Putin to account:

Talk about sending a message, huh?

Biden indeed took questions. He even answered a few of them.

What other conclusion can we draw, other than that he’s lying? When it comes to sanctions, Joe Biden is full of contradictions.

When, pray tell, will he be unleashing those sanctions? Today seems like as good a day as any, no?


That sounds like the Joe Biden we know.

Don’t think for a second that that’s not the image Putin conjures up every time Biden’s name is mentioned.

Not reassuring.

But it’s Biden’s answer to the first question that should really give people pause:

Shorter Biden: “We’re introducing sanctions — eventually, maybe — and Vladimir Putin won’t be deterred by sanctions.” Such forceful. Much decisive.

Oh, yeah. That was a doozy, too. Here’s what he said about China, for the record:


And there we have it.

No, but he certainly said things to give China encouragement to invade Taiwan, so there’s that.

Joe Biden doesn’t care.

Biden definitely lived down to our expectations.

Down to Putin’s, too. And Xi’s, for that matter.

At least somebody’s laughing.

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