Jon Stewart possibly deserves more credit than anyone else for making the “clown nose on, clown nose off” style of news coverage what it is today. He’s a comedian, but sometimes, he just wants to be serious.

Like right now:

“The Trump/Fox axis.” We see what you did there, Jon, you clever bastard. Real subtle. Almost went over our heads!

Well, you’re half right. (The second half, for the record.)

We’ll concede that Tucker Carlson has been disturbingly sympathetic toward Vladimir Putin lately, because, well, he has. But Tucker Carlson hardly speaks for Fox News or Trump supporters or the GOP as a whole. Many on the Right have quite vocally and forcefully spoken out against Putin over the years and are doing the same now that he’s making good on his threats to invade Ukraine.

But Jon Stewart isn’t exactly known for doing his homework, is he? He’s taken the lazy way out and made absurd, unfounded blanket statements impugning the American Right.

And he deserves to get called out for it.

That’s a sadly accurate statement.

Jon Stewart gonna Jon Stewart.

Except our standards are better than Jon Stewart’s.

Take a bow, Jon. No, really. Take a bow!

He’s back, baby!