Twitter’s suspension finger has gotten increasingly itchy over the past several months. Today, they had our friend Jim Treacher in their crosshairs:

So, if you’re following along, Twitter went back to 2013 and 2014 for a pair of tweets from Treacher about violent Islamists beheading people and decided that Treacher’s offense was the truly egregious one.

Seriously, this is ridiculous.

At this point, it almost doesn’t matter. Twitter should tell anyone trying to get Treacher (and Defiant L’s and Chalkboard Review and Robert Malone and anyone who has done nothing wrong) suspended to shove it. And if it’s Twitter themselves trying to dig up ridiculous evidence against people who question and destroy woke or liberal narratives, then that’s shameful in its own right.


It’s not Jim Treacher who’s hurting Twitter users; it’s Twitter.

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