Vladimir Putin is invading Ukraine. Justin Trudeau’s administration is actively and proudly punishing Canadian citizens who criticize the government.

Both of these developments are terrifying in different ways, but what they have in common is a power-hungry authoritarian determined to flex his muscle and browbeat innocent people into submission.

Put even simpler, what’s going on in Ukraine and what’s going on in Canada are both bad. This shouldn’t be a difficult concept to grasp. And yet, for David French, the logic eludes him:

(Favorably citing David Frum should be a dead giveaway that French is on a runaway thought train.)

Is it insane, David? Is it???

We, too, would like to know what David French is talking about here.

Seriously, what the hell is he talking about?


It’s easy if you try, David.

Vladimir Putin is doing what Vladimir Putin has always done and is always going to do. Justin Trudeau is taking pages out of Putin’ authoritarian playbook. It seems not only possible, but reasonable to be concerned about both Putin and Trudeau.

It’s easy if you try, David.

David French sold his soul to the Resistance and hasn’t looked back.

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