A lot of people think of Oklahoma as flyover country. But as it turns out, if you just fly over Oklahoma, you might miss some very interesting stuff:

One paragraph, eh? How about the first one:

A Valentine’s Day weekend sleepover party for tween girls that included watching the film Titanic turned bizarre and tearful after parents say Oklahoma 5th Congressional District candidate Abby Broyles allegedly became drunk and berated some of the children in attendance.

Or this one:

Or maybe this one:

“We were all sitting around, and she was just going around in a circle saying rude things and would end with ‘F-er’ and saying ‘F-you’ to all of us there — really rude things,” the 12-year-old said. “My friend has acne, and she had been talking about her acne early in the evening, and then [Broyles] called her an ‘acne F-er,’ and she ran upstairs crying.”

Or these:

“Unfortunately it really was as bad as it sounds,” the homeowner wrote. “She went from zonked out to attacking kids.”

“I can confirm that an incident occurred of the kind of magnitude that I needed to make phone calls to every parent (of the children) in attendance the next day to discuss one on one, parent to parent,” the homeowner said.

You know what? You should probably just read the whole thing.

Broyles denies all of it, for what it’s worth. But the allegations aren’t nearly as unbelievable as she hopes.


In any event:

We, too, are grateful.

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