Earlier this week, the Las Vegas Sun found a very interesting — but ultimately predictable — way to spin BLM activist Quintez Brown’s being arrested and charged with the attempted murder of Democratic Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

Eagle-eyed readers couldn’t help but notice that the Sun had evidently forgotten to mention Quintez Brown’s political inclinations, which seemed pretty relevant considering that the Sun was attempting to blame “increasingly violent rhetoric coming from extremist Republicans” for the assassination attempt.

Well, it took them a few days, but it looks like the Las Vegas Sun has realized that they made a pretty egregious oversight. So they’ve made some changes to their original editorial:

Good on ya, Sun.

So, what does the update entail? Let’s have a look:

Huh. That … doesn’t really seem much better, does it?

And still … they’re trying to tie Quintez Brown’s crime to Republicans.

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