We’re still reeling from hardcore leftist Squad Rep. Ilhan Omar calling out media vultures for going after private citizens who donated money to the Freedom Convoy. We believe in giving credit where credit is due, and dammit if Omar doesn’t deserve credit for this.

She’s absolutely right. And in being absolutely right, she kicked one hell of a hornet’s nest. Quite a few blue-checked journos are very upset with her.

How, while Caroline Orr Bueno is not a blue-checked journalist herself, she is a behavioral scientists and self-described student of “mis/disinformation, cognitive security, mediated communication, & crises,” and she’s got more than 450,000 Twitter followers who tune in for her takes.

And she, too, is very disappointed and angry with Ilhan Omar:

We’re gonna stop Caroline for one quick second:

“Leaked,” eh? Caroline should focus more on that. What happened before the info was leaked, sweet Caroline?

Hacked by “a famous f*cking cyberterrorist,” no less.

But we digress:

“Rep. Omar is regurgitating right-wing disinfo”? Well, we can die now, because we’ve heard everything.

Does it go for behavioral scientists and armchair experts like Caroline Orr Bueno?

Or — and stick with us here — the Daily Caller is just giving Ilhan Omar credit for being right about this. That’s the interesting thing about many “right-wing publications.” They’re capable of recognizing that sometimes what’s right transcends partisan politics. That may be difficult for someone like Caroline Orr Bueno to understand, but it’s still true.

This is about the fact that a journalist — along with many other journalists — is taking advantage of unlawfully obtained and leaked private information about people whose only crime was donating to a cause the journalists don’t like.

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