As Americans wait with bated breath to find out which black woman Joe Biden will nominate to replace SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer, the Democrats are taking a look back at the history of the Supreme Court through a racial lens. Because that’s what progress looks like:

First, we have to point this out:

Look at that! So that actually is progress, in a way! Good for them!

Unfortunately that’s really the only nice thing we can say about them.

Because while it may very be time for a highly qualified black woman on the Supreme Court, Joe Biden completely undermined any black woman he nominates by reducing her to her race and sex. Now, she will always have an asterisk next to her name.

Biden’s nominee should be insulted. Her qualifications won’t matter, because Joe Biden will have chosen her only because she’s a black woman. And potentially passed over other qualified nominees who were disqualified only because they aren’t black women.

Stay classy, Dems.

A race- and sex-based nomination would be an insult to the nominee as well as to the Supreme Court. We thought people were more than just their race and sex. Guess the Democratic Party is just trying to get in touch with their roots or something.

And speaking of looking to the past, why did the Democrats’ graphic leave out some important information?

Hopefully this country can move forward — despite the Democrats’ best efforts.

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