It’s been nothing short of fascinating — yet predictable — to watch Democrats shift from “you hate science if you don’t make your two-year-old wear a mask” to “the science has changed and ackshually there’s no good reason to force kids to wear masks and we always said that was a possibility.”

Earlier today, @politicalmath — who, as it happens, is a huge fan of numbers and data and interprets them more honestly than Democratic politicians and pundits — decided to take a look back at how our moral and intellectual betters used to treat anyone who questioned mask mandates, back when Dems thought shaming people was politically expedient.

We may never get an honest answer to that question. Or to any questions about the insane measures that liberal politicians and media outlets took to suppress information and stifle debate.



@politicalmath goes nuclear on the ‘absolute f*ckers’ who shamed parents for wanting their kids in school (and saves some wrath for a major jerk)

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