The fervor with which the Left has been coming after Joe Rogan has been quite remarkable. We’re used to cancel culture BS, of course, but they really seem to have it in for Rogan, who is decidedly not a rabid right-winger.

You don’t need to put on a tinfoil hat to have a reason to wonder what the deal is with this. Why is Joe Rogan Public Enemy Number One?

Saagar Enjeti has been very busy trying to get to the bottom of it, and according to him, there’s most definitely a method to the madness:


We can’t say with certainty that it’s exactly as Enjeti says it is, but the evidence he presents is nothing if not compelling. If we know one thing about the Left, it’s that they can be shady AF.

The people behind the video are super-shady.

Democratic and lefty activists can be just as greedy as they accuse the Right of being — and just as shady. Following the money on the Left rarely leads someplace clean.

Don’t count on it. The Left isn’t going to let this go.

Hopefully people like Saagar won’t let it go, either.

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